Ways Property Valuation Will Help You Get More Business

study wanted where you love your reports and layout rearrange everything so I believe that they give him one has already that’s why would that all the time it’s crazy to think you can build the whole thing and do language which is why our next exam not my day our next exam is going to be easier to methods it’s a case study to case day that one of you guys give me about three year sago they have fun around at Goldman sates and every worth it good for you so that’s the process would rainbow do.

we discount each of the cash boss will use the way that sucks kappa will get into this discussion on Monday for now is just to understand but what Don’t want to do and what we will do is I want to look at all my dear I want to look at and get better be prepared to use the Walmart model if you scroll to the right I’m going to start with the DC analysis and we’ve already laid out everything this should help to give you a better perspective on what we’re going to do little mark we’re going to use five years and projections we’re going to lay out beyond lot of casualties in the same format we just sat down by even plus.

A different axes are then we’re going to help determine what to put on his other again it confuses a lot of people hopefully with the new perspective love and understanding it as turning what we need to plan for other changes in working capital you should hopefully have a clear understanding as to should be plus or minus it confuses a lot of people can just do whatever the cast and test your own you casting should be a mystery packs taxes on Larry cash flow will discount those values to present value to get about the lack for now we’ll just use ten percent mom next week we’ll talk about the back and then we’ll.

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