What You Should Wear To Valuation

And there’s nothing you can sign at the event next event that we’re running we have Martinique from director of savory accounting solutions Marty will be going through trusts and the advantages of buying properties in trust corporate trustees versus your own name she will also talk about self- super fun because she’s a self-managed super fund expert on how to buy real estate in yourself with each other funds Cameron fisher from changing places real estate and director of by my place they’ll come to you changing places real estate he’s property manager Cameron himself has been real estate for over years he’s registered value up and he’s also done over , successful auctions Melbourne over the last years chichis quite incredible wealth of knowledge’s actually a walking encyclopedia when it comes to real estate in areas to invest in areas to avoid we’ve got Steven McCarthy from loans Australia Steven McCarthy improbably one of the best mortgage brokers that I’ve ever worked with he’s done over a thousand sorry over billion dollars worth of lending to the property investor markets it’s thousand million dollars and.