Questions You Need To Ask About Property Valuation

With one point of six and keep Sydney Property Valuations multiplying that with . so we’re going to have this thing here call sales revenuer I’m going to show you working for the first year for I’m going to show you working on which is going to be sent so if you press your buttons able to get here the value here is going to be depressing and multiplied again with one. OK I’m using many colors here but the exam please.

Make sure you use black ink only alright so so if x point of old x . is going to give you an answer of keep multiplying by .you press equals to i believe you can get your answer now three sequels to you’re going to get now that’s the sales figure our revenue figure now from this revenue figure we could estimate our operating profit and we retold that the operating profit is thirty-two percent of the revenue so what you can do here is just x percent of that particular time step two percent it’s going to give you an answer of.

keep that figure is what we want the right here round it to the nearest million now the second way of doing it is whatever you have here you can keep multiplying by thirty two percent but if you’re like of time you just to grow at a rate off from this paragraph he renumber six yeah number six and number five so we’re going to look at pay attention to number six and number five in the clean my whiteboard here it’s going to regrowing at a rate of six percent so what is growing here is this revenue is going to grow this is a now we’re going to go for a forecast of so what I’m going to do is you’re going to multiply.

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