The Untold Story Of Real Estate Valuation Agent

I’m insurance policy homeowner shares involves aon his house he had an additional maybe ,on personal items above and beyondwhen you in what way I mean I’m unimaginably on what they ownstars worth you know value I’mso they file a claim okay we’re going on the police report got the property valuation report sample couple weeks later were looking over this and that well here we areI’m in April this was last novemberwhere in April is on in two min tell you doingwhat what in cherished company did noESO me a check evidence are coming out is a twenty five hundred dollar check.

I’m excuse me two thousand five hundred dollarsyou guys had a lot of jewelry and a silver coins and I know exactly how manycalls and Adamquite a few I’m winning to learn about carsthat’s what we like to know and the lady faxed over section.

The homeowner’s policy I’mwhich states jewelry gold silver bullion coins acceptor a are categorized under Section C asyou know whatever ok and those items specificallycan only be insured up to twenty-five hundred dollars totalI’msays yeah but we ask for an additional insurance above and beyondwhat we had what we needed what was required we wanted a lot more insuranceto cover our personal itemsin which case jewelry in these coins were collecting our personal items.

I’m what about that you’ve been collecting our extra moneyevery month no problem no questions asked even though is everything in theentire house got stolenall the furniture all the chairs tables and lampseverything appliances and the juryend sober and everything and is everything wouldn’t amount to threehundred thousand dollarsI’m and they had that extra mile put on the insurance policy just in caseto be you know over.

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